En Garde!

En Garde!

Lost Legion is running a game of En Garde! via a Play-By-Email format.

Each month in real time is one month in the game. During the course of the month players will broker deals, plot their climb and others downfall and finally submit their orders to the GM (Trevor Gillard) by the end of the month. The GM will then establish the events which occur and provide a brief write-up of whatever triumph or treachery occurred.

In order to participate in the campaign please register your interest via our contact form here.

If you are already a participant and looking to submit your orders for the month use the Orders Sheet here.


Notes and FAQ

Players can roll their characters at a club night with the GM if requested otherwise a character will be provided for you

Each month orders must be submitted to the GM. A month’s orders include four weeks actions and any monthly notes/actions (Influence usage etc)

Joining a Regiment takes one week and you receive pay the month you join

Effects from a Mistress will take effect the month after you successfully court them

Horse and Groom payments are required the month you purchase a horse and every month hence

A visit to the Bawdyhouse will cost 2xSL (1x for Carousing and 1x for “companionship”)

Once you are on campaign you will be on campaign for the entire season, there is ONE outcome roll at the end of the season for the campaign

The latest in a season a player can go on campaign is the first week of the 3rd month, all other actions for that month are deemed spent on campaign