Le Temps Perdu

Le Temps Perdu – May 1619


Fashion Scene
Jean de Flaque was seen winning at the tables at the Frog & Peach. His social standing increases. No doubt some new faces may become known as they fill the void left by the fallen.

Gazette Militaire
Gabriel Fontaine-Dufort was again unsuccessful in his attempt to secure a position in the Grand Duke Maximillian Dragoons spent the majority of the month practicing with his blade alone.

At the Front…
News from the front arrived slowly. The campaign, a siege, had been inconclusive.

In the Frontier regiment casualties were high. Even the Colonels adjutant had been killed along with the Captains of A, B, C and F Coy and volunteer captans Antoine St Germaine, Capt Aymerie de Narbonne and amongst those popular in the salons here Subaltern Rene Le Clerc, and Private Moyenne.

In the Royal North Highland Border regt the Lt Colonel of 1st Bn together with both his captains died and in the 2nd Sqn Queens Own Carabineers the captain of D Coy died.

On a brighter note Maj Louis de Froufrou volunteered the 2nd Bn the Royal Foot Guard and was mentioned in dispatches despite the impact of his command being inconclusive.

Maj Antoine Gounelle 2nd Sqn Queens Own Caranbineers was broken by an enemy sortie but was neverthe less mentioned in dispatches twice on account of their being no vacancy for promotion. There is a chance he may be knighted by the King for his actions.

Maj John Gould volunteered the 2Bn 53rd Fusileers was similarly mentioned in dispatches twice though the Bn action was inconclusive. He has no chance of knighthood on account of his status.

Maj le Penn volunteered for Service with the Royal North Highland Border Regt where he lead a successful storming party for which his Military acumen was seen to rise and he received a mention in dispatches.

Henri du Monte, also serving with the RNHB survived 3 months at the front without incident.

In the frontier regt Capt Le Petit-Souris survived with his life after leading a successful storming party. His Military ability is deemed to have risen.

Capt Francois Cantona and Capt Phillipe Philoppe both survived after leading their troops inconclusively. Subaltern Hanz also survived the carnage.

Thoughts now turn to the summer as the army is to be mobilised to bring about a lasting peace.

The field marshal has determined that the largest possible force will be sent consisting of 3 separate armies:

1st Army will consist of 2 divisions: 1st Division comprising the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Infantry Brigades and the Frontier Division comprising the Frontier Regts including the RNHB Regt. This Army will assault.

The 2nd Army will include the Cavalry Division consisting of Horse Guards Brigade, the Heavy Brigade and supported by the Dragoon Brigade. These will be assigned field operations

The 3rd Army will be formed of the Guards Brigade which will be assigned to Defence.

The Field Marshal can be petitioned to substitute regiments requiring a roll of 7 on one die and level 7 favours can be used to influence the roll.

Le Club Scene
Jean Baptiste-Davout was seen at the bawdyhouse and was in Blue Gables most of the month.

The Gendarmerie reported no ‘incidents’ or robberies on the roads in Paris.

Social Whirl & Ladies Dance Cards
Due to a large portion of the elgible bachelory making for the front there have been few to court and charm the ladys of Paris. Amelie was saddened to learn of the death of St Germaine

Rapiers at Dawn
It was a quiet month in May with most of the boisterous young blades off at the front however Le Petit Souris still has cause with John Gould.

June Turn
The June turn deadline date is TBC, watch this space! Please submit using the excel sheet which can be found on the official En Garde! website.

Please include a default turn in case of emergencies and please include a default 6 and 12 action dueling sequence together with detail of what point (if any) you would yield.

GM Notes/FAQ
There are no fees whilst at the front including Mistress costs, SL Standing, Club Fees, Horse Maintenance etc. Allowance and pay are still received whilst at the front.

All MID points will take effect when you return to Paris.