Le Temps Perdu

Le Temps Perdu – September 1619


New in Paris
Amongst those returning safely from the front there are three new men of note newly arrived in the city.

Reynard Duchon – a distant cousin of le Petit-Sourris of wealthier stock but not so accomplished with the sword.

Michel Navarre-Etoile – the first son of a well to do gentleman, well versed in the military arts.

Msr PasdeNom – the second son of a well to do gentleman with no knowledge of the military arts.

The King proclaims
The King, having recently considered the campaign outcome and those mentioned in dispatches, has decided not to title anyone at this time. Perhaps Chevalier le Penn & Antoine Gounelle will be received more favourably in the future.

Fashion Scene
Chevalier le Penn’s stock has risen immeasurably as news of his exploits at the front reach Paris.

Antoine Gounelle seemed in good spirits despite not achieving either of the positions for which he had applied or a title from the King on a second occasion. His standing rises regardless.

It seems that Reynard Duchon’s attempts to ingratiate himself with Paris society have been successful and his stock has risen.

It seems the appointment as Aide to General and subsequent celebrations have seen Major Abélard de Bête improve his station in Society.

Gabrielle Fontaine-Dufort, seen out in Bothwells with Louis de Frou Frou has seen his stock rise as a consequence.

Jacque Angille, the genial benefactor covering the costs of a celebration held in Horseguards has risen in social standing.

Leon Artois’ new post as Brigade Major, the Horseguards Brigade has seen his social level rise

Gazette Militaire
Louis le Frou-Frou has successfully transferred from the Royal Foot Guard to the Cardinal’s Guard as Major 2nd Bn. Due to the recent campaign losses he is now acting Colonel of the Regt.

Reynard Duchon was not accepted into the 53rd Fusileers as Major and consequently his application to Brigade Major was not considered.

Michel Navarre-Etoile successfully applied to join the Queens Own Carabineers as a Subaltern and is immediately asked to act as Captain E Troop.

Captain Hanz’ appointment as regimental adjutant should be sufficient to see his promotion to captain made permanent.

Military Appointments
Major Chevalier le Penn is made Aide to the General.

With assistance from Sophie, Major Abélard de Bête successfully applied as Aide to General.

Chevalier Le Penn will have precedence if only 1 general takes the field in the next Summer campaign.

Captain Francois Cantona is appointed Captain of the Kings Escort.

With Assistance from Leonie, Major Leon Artois has been appointed Brigade Major, of the Horseguards Brigade.

Brevet Captain Hanz has been appointed Regimental Adjutant the Royal Marines.

Lt Colonel Antoine Gounelle was unsuccessful in obtaining the posts Aide to the Field Marshal and Divisional Adjutant.

Major Gabrielle Fontaine-Dufort is unsuccessful in his application as Brigade Major to the Dragoon Brigade.

At the Front…
Major Jean-Marie le Pun has volunteered the 3rd Sqn of the Dragoon Guards for the Autumn Campaign

Le Club Scene
A large party was hosted week 2 at Horseguards with much of the expense met by Jacque Angille. Leon Artois signed several guests in and many toadied to Lt Colonel Antoine Gounelle.

These included Brigade Major Abélard de Bête

Gabrielle Fontain-Dufort was seen toadying to Louis de Frou Frou at Bothwells

In week 3 Reynard Duchon and Michel Navarre-Etoile were seen toadying to Antoine Gounelle at Hunters

Jean de Flaque was seen at the tables again at the Frog & Peach breaking even across the month.

Social Whirl & Ladies Dance Cards
Chevalier Le Penn successful Courts Antoinette SL14

Captain Cantona woos Suzette SL11BW dropping MarieSL8

Paulette rejected the advances of Reynard Duchon

FiFi rejects the advances of Valentyn Moreau

Rapiers at Dawn
There were no civil causes for duel in September.

Members of the Queen’s Own Carabineers frequented both the Horseguards and Hunters Clubs but the Dragoon Guards stayed away