Le Temps Perdu

Le Temps Perdu – August 1650

New in Paris

The King proclaims
For his actions in the advance guard, the King is considering Captain Cantona of the Royal Foot Guard for a title

For his reckless bravery, and in light of the fact there is no opportunity for promotion Chevalier Beau Nydal’s name has again been brought to the attention of the King

The King has confirmed Abelard de Betes knighthood and expects to see him at the palace one week in September

Social Climbers
Maquis Antoine Gounelle attained SL19 gambling at Bothwells.
Chevalier Rene Artois attained SL13 toadying to Maquis Gounelle at Bothwells

Regimental Promotions and Applications
Captain Cantona promoted to Major of the Royal Foot Guards
Brigadier General le FrouFrou had his rank confirmed and was breveted to Lieutenant General
Marquis Le Penn is promoted to Lt Colonel of the1st Sqn, the Dragoon Guards
Lt-Colonel Gabriel Fontaine-Dufort is promoted to Colonel of the Grand Duke Max’s Dragoon’s
Major Napoleon Grinda is promoted to Lt-Colonel of 1st sqn, the Grand Duke Max Dragoon’s
Lt-General Duchon had his rank confirmed and is breveted to General

Fashion Corner (Conspicuous consumption)

Club Scene
Maquis Antoine Gounelle was seen gambling at the tables in Bothwells, attended by Chevalier Artois. He placed bets of 500c (the house divisor) until he won then walked away

In the Frog & Peach Jean de Flaque was seen at his regular spot at the tables where the house had all the luck

The Streets of Paris

The Commissioner for Public Safety reports no issues on the streets in Paris

O’er the hills and far away… At the Front
The Field Marshal (MA3) has determined the Summer campaign will be fought on 3 fronts:

First Army (MA6 – no aide) will be formed of;

The Heavy Brigade (MA1) and the Dragoon Brigade (MA3+1Adj)
and the Guards Foot Brigade (MA4+1Adj).
The Cavalry Division (MA1) inc’ the Dragoon Guards have been substituted for the Crown Prince Cuirassiers.

First Army will be committed to Field Operations

Critics have said that the Field Marshals plan was overambitious and too much confidence was placed in both his own and his army’s ability following a satisfactory outcome in the Spring.

Strategically, the armies were driven from the field. On the ground, at the front, things were not quite so bleak. The First army, assigned to field operations as it was, achieved inconclusive results however even here the Guards Brigade were crushed as a fighting force. The Brigadier losing his life and his Brigade Major captured defending his body where the action was thickest.

In the Royal Foot Guards, ridiculous loyalty and self sacrifice saw each of the battalions achieve an inclusive result though the Colonel and Lt-Colonel both lost their lives as did brave subalterns commanding C,D,E & F Companies. The Major of Third Battalion was promoted to Lt Colonel of the First.

Captain Cantona, commander of the King’s Escort and acting as Captain of B Company in the field was promoted for his efforts achieving an Inconclusive result despite his battalion being driven from the field. (+MA, promoted to major, 250c).

In the Cardinal’s Guard Brigadier-General le Frou-Frou again wrestled an unlikely inconclusive result. His first Battalion was driven from the field and the second was crushed with both Majors and the Captain of D Company dying. The third battalion held and managed to hold the line supported as it was by le FrouFrou’s own position a mile to the rear. For this stalwart action the Colonel will be breveted to Lieutenant General and receives a small purse (150c) and the Captain commanding 3rd Bn is promoted to Major.

In the King’s Musketeers the bodycount was the highest. Only three subalterns commanding C E & F Companies survived the regiments crushing defeat. The last two aforementioned are mentioned in dispatches to the King.

The Royal Foot Guards Brigade was supported in its actions by the Heavy Brigade and the Dragoon Brigade. The outcome of the Heavy Brigade’s action can be described as inconclusive at best.

Representation had been made to substitute the Dragoon Guards for the Crown Prince Cuirassiers and it will now be questioned whether this reduction in battle cavalry was wise.

The Dragoon Guards were crushed by their opposition and the Colonel and his regimental adjutant both lost their lives. Both Captains in 1st Sqn lost their lives and their Lt-Colonel will be promoted to the Colonelcy for achieving an inconclusive outcome. The 2nd Squadron under Maquis le Penn drove the enemy before him from the field for the loss of the Captain of C Troop. The Captain of D troop will be promoted to Major for ensuring the enemies advance was inconclusive in his own sector. The Maquis is promoted to Lt-Colonel now the vacancy has opened up and also receives a purse of 300c. His military ability improves further.

Third Squadron, the Dragoon Guards was commanded by the recklessly brave (RB3) Chevalier ‘Beau’ Nydal who was actually seen leading his men. The squadron achieved an inconclusive result (which will surely improve ‘Beau’s own understanding of battlefield tactics) with the subaltern commanding F troop managing to drive those before him from the field. For his actions the Chevalier will be twice mentioned in dispatches (MID5 & MID1) as there is no vacancy to promote him further to at this time. The subaltern commanding E troop will be made Captain.

The Archduke Leopold Cuirassiers achieved an inconclusive result with the Colonel captured and presumed dead.

First Squadron achieved an inconclusive result though B troop was crushed and the Captain here lost his life.

2nd Squadron was commanded by the recently appointed Major Matthieu le Blanc who will be mentioned in dispatches (MID6) in lieu of promotion and receives as small purse (150c). The Squadron achieved an inconclusive result. Both his Captain’s survived despite D troop being driven from the field. C troop achieved an inconclusive result and the captain will be mentioned in dispatches in lieu of promotion.

The third Squadron was commanded by Major Arsene de Balifronde, another newcomer to military service. His Squadron, on the left of the line and flanked as it was by the Dragoon Guards rather than the Crown Prince Cuirassiers, was crushed with the subalterns commanding his troops captured or killed. For his own efforts and for the inability to promote him, Major Balifronde is mentioned in dispatches (MID1) instead.

The Dragoon Brigade was also crushed with the both the Brigadier and the Brigade Major losing their lives when the command point was overrun.

Grand Duke Maximillian’s Dragoons were driven from the field with the Colonel grieviously wounded that will see him retire active military service.

The 1st Squadron, commanded by the recently captured Lt-Colonel Gabriel Fontaine-Dufort who paid his own ransom in order to be sure of returning to lead his own men, was driven from the field suffering a severe injury that looks both permanent and debilitating. He will be promoted to the Colonelcy and receives a small purse (100c). Each of his Captains were able to deaden the enemies best efforts achieving inconclusive outcomes and the Captain of A troop will be promoted to Major.

Second Squadron’s results were inconclusive with the Major losing his life and the captain of D troop being promoted.

Major Napoleon Grinda commanding the 3rd squadron managed together with the subalterns commanding E & F troops to achieve inconclusive results. Both subalterns lost their lives. The Major will be promoted to Lt-Colonel and will receive a purse of 250c.

Second Army (MA5+Aide Chev. Abélard de Bête) will be formed of;

1st Division (MA2+1Adj) inc’ 2nd Brigade of foot (MA1+1Adj) & 3rd Brigade of Foot (MA4)
2nd Division (MA2+1Adj+1RNHB) inc’ 4th Brigade of Foot (MA2+1Adj) & the Royal North Highland Border Regt.

It will be committed to Defence

Stymied again by the Field Marshalls plan the General of second army compounded the error with the army falling to a surprise escalade from the enemy. In this the General was assisted by his Aide; Chevalier Abelard de Bete whom he has has mentioned in dispatches for his calm decanting and subsequent saving of the Lafitte ‘27 whilst under the unexpected close fire of the enemy. (MID6)

The Lt-General commanding the 1st Division managed to prevent a complete rout and blunt the enemies attack rendering the local outcome inconclusive. His plan was developed tactically by the Brigadier commanding the 2nd Brigade of Foot. (inconclusive).

The 13th Fusileers were broken under the enemy’s assault with the Colonel and Captains of C & E Companies losing their lives. Many of those who survived however are promoted and have seen their understanding of the purpose of enemy sapping trenches greatly increase. Major Dusattoir, hero of the forlorn hope last month survived the encounter commanding the 3rd Bn.

Lt General Duchon, commanding his own Regt, the 53rd Fusileers was determined that the enemy would not progress through his section of the lines and blunted their attack rendering their assault inconclusive. His Lt-General rank is confirmed and he is breveted to General.

in the 3rd Brigade the 27th Musketeers achieved an inconclusive result overall however it was the third Bn that achieved this with 1st and 2nd Bn’s falling to storming parties or siege works. The 4th Arquebusiers also blunted the enemy assault achieving an Inconclusive outcome largely centred round the exploits of the second Bn.

Results for the second Division were inconclusive. The 4th Foot Brigadier manage

Third Army (MA3) is composed of;
The Frontier Division (MA3):Frontier Brigade (MA1+1)
It is committed to siege

The Frontier Division was broken by Sortie with the Frontier Brigade being scattered by the enemy. There are currently no witnesses to bring us a full report.

Gazette Militaire – Military Appointments
All military appointments are now available for application. Current encumbents receive +1 on any attempt to retain their position;

Major Chev. Abélard de Bête – Aide to General
Captain Francois Cantona – Captain of the Kings Escort
Major Chevalier Leon Artois – Brigade Major,the Horseguards Brigade

Law & Order

Offices of State – Government Appointments
Maquis Gounelle is Chancellor of the Exchequer
Maquis Le Penn is Minister of Justice.
The Minister of State (NPC SL18)
Minister of War (NPC SL17)
Commissioner of Public Safety (NPC SL7)

Lt-General Reynard Duchon states his intention to apply for a Minister without Portfolio position

Dance Card
Captain Navarre-Etoile was unsuccessful in his attempt to woo the wealthy and influential matrie (SL8)

Rapiers at Dawn
It has been noted that not only are there rivals amongst the Queen’s Own Carabineers and the Dragoon Guards but now also between the Archduke Leopold Cuirassiers and Grand Duke Maximillian Dragoons. (cause for duel: meeting member of an enemy regiment)

Furthermore there are now some members of societe in Paris that have accrued status beyond those of noble lineage (cause for duel: non noble 4 SL higher meeting noble)

Sporting Life

There will be an Open Grand Fencing Tournament held the third week of October.
Entry is free. The format will be a random draw Knockout.
Each bout will be to the third touche with foils
The winner will receive 150c and D6 status (as per MID), second place will receive 50c.
Expertise will increase with each bout won. (There will be no status gain/loss as not a duel