Le Temps Perdu

Le Temps Perdu – November 1649

New in Paris

The King proclaims

 Social Climbers
Chevalier le Penn stock continues to rise and he attains SL12 despite spending the majority of the month practicing with his sabre.

Regimental Applications
Reynard Duchon is accepted into the 53rd Fusileers as Major and quickly breveted to acting Colonel. Wasting no time he volunteered the whole regiment for the front

Fashion Corner
Conspicuous Consumption in Paris continued this month with fewer young dandies flaunting their wealth

Abélard de Bête was seen parading Honky the regimental Goose with no expense spared. His lavishness continues, this month with fine gifts for his friends – a sword warrantied never to fail for Antoine Gounelle, some jewelling boots for Leon Artois (these may need to be sent back as they were not quite what he had in mind – but look fabulous nonetheless) and a bone handled canteen of campaign cutlery for Francois Cantona.

Club Scene
With many young rakes at the front it was a quiet month in the clubs and salons in Paris


Jean de Flaque could be seen at the tables in the Frog and Peach where he won and lost.

Jean Baptiste-Davout maintained his residency at Blue Gables

Abélard de Bête was seen with Sophie at Bothwells early in the month

The streets of Paris
The Commissioner for Public Safety reports no issues on the streets in Paris

O’er the hills and far away…   At the Front
Abélard de Bête was unable to persuade either his General or his Colonel to attend the front

Antoine Gounelle was unable to persuade the Colonel of the Queen’s Own Carabineers to take the whole regt to the front.

The Colonel of the Royal Marines could not be persuaded to march for the front


The Frontier Brigade will Assault

Acting Colonel Duchon volunteers the 53rd Fusileers for the assault achieving a Pyrhic Victory. 9/11/8 +1MA

The regt, bereft of experienced command found it self operating with the new Major Duchon and just 5 Captains. The remainder of commands being held by gifted or promising Adjutants.

Duchon’s regimental Adjutant was shot beside him, the captains of A & B Coy were both captured, those of C,D & F Coys all killed in the breach along with the acting Major of 3rd Bn.

Duchon is promoted to Lt Colonel and his military ability increases as a result.

Brevet Major Moreau volunteers 2nd Bn 13th Fusileers for the assault. Following the 53rd through the breach they achieve a Bloody Victory. 10/6/6/3 (6x100c) +1MA, pat on the back

Major Moreau’s military ability improves and he receives a pat on the back. Were his station in life better he may be noticed by the King! Sadly a stray round cut short this elevation of career.

The Frontier Brigade sees the Royal North Highland Border regt achieve a bloody victory. The Colonel and two of the captains were captured. The Major of 2nd Brigade and 3 captains all lost their lives.

The Frontier Regt de Paris was repulsed. The Lt Colonel and 3 Captains lost their lives and a Captain was captured

F Coy was commanded by Captain Hanz of the Royal Marines – his Military ability insuffficient to allow him to hold command in the RNHB Regt. He achieved an Inconclusive result rescuing the likely repulse ordered by his Major and gaining an improvement in his military ability. 11/10/7 +1MA The campaign saw him promoted to Major so he will need to give up his Regimental Adjutancy.

Colonel Louis de Frou-Frou leads the Cardinal’s Guard to the front where they will defend. The outcome is largely Inconclusive 14/12/9/9 1x50c

1st & 3rd Bns break the enemy by sortie however B Coy fell to a storming party . The subaltern acting as Capt D Coy died 2nd Bn Inconclusive

Lt Colonel Gounelle volunteers the 1st Sqn, the Queen’s Own Carabineer’s for the field operations. He drives the enemy from the field 15/9/8/7 2x100c +1MA. His reckless bravery sets a great example at the head of his Sqn charge and he is mentioned in dispatches twice for there is no vacancy for him to lead the regt. (the Colonel could not be persuaded to lead the whole regt to the front). Gounelle was one of the few to secure a purse from this campaign and he will be recognised by the King having been passed over twice before for a Knighthood.

Major Artois similarly volunteers the 3rd Sqn the Queen’s Own Carabineers and also drives the enemy from the field leading from the front. He is also mentioned in dispatches twice for want of a promotion though the King will not enoble him immediately. Both see their military ability increase further. 13/7/6/5 2x100c +1MA

E Coy was commanded by Henri Navarre-Etoile whose troop’s outcome was inconclusive. 12/12/8/9 2x50c. He was made up to Captain for his service.

Major Jean-Marie le Pun has volunteered the 3rd Sqn of the Dragoon Guards for the Autumn Campaign where it will be committed to field operations. Le Pun’s command is crushed however both his Captains achieve inconclusive results and survive 10/6/5

The new Lt Colonel Gabrielle Fontaine-Dufort took his 1st Sqn of the Grand Duke maximilian Dragoons to the front to assist the field operations. His command was crushed and both his captains lost their lives. 9/7/5. His horse was shot from beneath him and will need to be replaced.

Lt Colonel Angille volunteers the 1st Sqn, Princess Louisa Light Dragoon’s for field operations achieving an inconclusive result. The captain of B troop died and his men were driven from the field 10/12/7/9 1x50c. For Lt Colonel Angille’s actions he is mentioned in dispatches in lieu of promotion.

The Commander of the Frontier Brigade (MA5 adj) achieved an Inconclusive outcome (4)

Gazette Militaire – Military Appointments
Major Chevalier le Penn is Aide to the 1st General

Major Abélard de Bête is Aide to the 2nd General

Captain Francois Cantona is Captain of the Kings Escort

Major Leon Artois is Brigade Major,the Horseguards Brigade

Dance Card
The beautiful & wealthy Amelie SL11BW accepted the advances of Louis de FrouFrou

The beautiful and wealthy Paulette SL9BW accepted the advances of Reynard Duchon


Rapiers at Dawn