Public Announcements

Handyman At Your Service

Roof leaking? Doors won’t shut? Table all wobbly? Whatever gets your goat around the house, for a modest fee I’ll fix it up, and regale you with humorous anecdotes while I’m at it.



Folk, watch out for the vagrants, for every man jack of them’s a thief, a layabout, a slob and a fool. I took a few on as gardeners, but instead of pulling weeds they dug up bulbs and ate them raw, which of course made them sick as dogs. So if any of that lot comes by your place, chase them away with a fat stick.
– Jacques

Men Needed for the Front!

Do your duty by your King and enlist for the Frontier!

Riches, women and glory await!

Dance Your Worries Away!

Come to the “Red Phillips” for an evening of dance! We’ll have fiddlers and pipers playing waltzes, jigs, bops, boleros and struts! So be you blithe and bonny, and come enjoy some hey, nonny, nonny!

A Warning

I’ll shear the hair off any trollop who fraternizes with foreigners, so her baldness will proclaim her shame to all. And I’ll carve the face of any peddler who deals with or provides them a service.

The Great Bothwell Tournament

It is Count Bothwell’s supreme delight to announce a cards tournament of his organization. Those wishing to take part should register at his private club.

Let the games begin!

Looking for Work

Will do any job for a bowl of soup or a scrap of bread. I’ve done a bit of coopering and carpentering and have my own tools.

– Boll

Man Needed

God almighty, I can’t stand another minute of it. Every lass around has got a man save me! So if you’re somewhat young and handy, able to work and don’t drink overly much, and most importantly of all, in need of a companion, then come see Roxanne and we’ll both find what we’re looking for.