Rules of the House

The Forlorn Hope

If a character goes to the front for the entire campaign season (all three months) he may choose to volunteer for the Forlorn Hope (assault), Picket (defence), The Saps (siege) or Advance Guard (field operations). This puts the character in the thick of the action for the majority of the season rather than the final climatic battle etc. It allows the character to roll on the death, mention promotion and plunder table in the second month of the campaign as well as the third month. The character must remain at the front until the end of the third month so any benefits he gains midway through the campaign may yet be lost! If a character secures sufficient mentions in dispatches to achieve a title attempt, subsequent mentions in the third month of the campaign (or following campaign season if the character does not return to Paris) give a +1 die roll modifier.

Dicing With Death

In the event of a roll which equals the required death roll players will instead roll on the table below.

eg. Jean Smith needs to pass a death roll of an 8+, he rolls 2d6 and gets an 8! He then proceeds to roll on the Dicing with Death table and rolls a 1. He shall need a new horse next month!

1Horse KilledNo effect if dismounted.
2Light WoundLose 25% of Endurance
3Infected Wound Lose 50% of endurance, recover at half usual speed.
4Permanent InjuryPermanently lose 25% of your endurance (round down).
5 or 6CapturedHeld captive for max of 3 months, then 50% chance of being released or executed. Friends can offer ransom (SL x 100crowns). 50% chance of being released on Ransom.


Captives will be held prisoner for a maximum of 3 months after which they are killed or released (50% chance). Friends may offer a ransom of captive’s SL x 100 ‘Crowns’ from the month after capture, but only once for each prisoner. There is a 50% chance a ransom will be accepted (otherwise no money is spent) with the prisoner returning to Paris at the end of that month. Aside from waiting to see what happens, there are 2 other ways to get free: escape or rescue.

Prisoners may not communicate with other characters (this can not be enforced but it breaks the spirit of the game) though they can with people they are held captive with. Two or more people from the same army that are captured in the same campaign will be held together. A prisoner who escapes or is released has one fewer horse, if any, than before.

An escape attempt takes a month (see Escape table). People held captive together may choose to make a group escape attempt, though they must all order this for it to happen. The modifier for people with a strength of 15+ can apply up to twice if their are 2 such people in a group. Rank modifiers apply as higher ranks are guarded more closely; a group takes the least favourable rank modifier of all participants (only once). Everyone in a group shares the same fate. If successful they return to Paris at the end of the month.

Example : A Private, Major and Lt Colonel from the same army are captured. They decide to wait out the first month and see if their ransoms are offered, but they are not! They decide to mount a group escape attempt in their 2nd month of captivity. The Private and the Lt Colonel both have a strength of 15+. Total modifier for the group is -2 : -1 (group), -2 (2 with high strength), 0 (rank mod for Lt Col). If they had tried to escape individually, the Private would have a -2 mod (rank and strength), and the Lt Col would have a -1 mod (strength). So in this case the Private has nothing to lose by teaming up with the others, and on the plus side has the opportunity to tell his daring escape tale over and over, and might gain the eternal gratitude of the Major.

A rescue attempt may be mounted by one or more PCs acting as a group. Such an attempt takes a whole month (no costs or status as if at the front). A group gains a -1 mod if they number 3 or more; anyone having an MA of 6+ in the group gives a -1 mod (only once) and strength and rank modifiers apply as for escapes. There is an additional -1 mod if the prisoners had planned their own escape that month. The outcome is taken from the Rescue table and is independent for each rescuer and prisoner: there are no modifiers to the death roll and an exact roll leads to ‘Dicing with Death’ as usual. If captured, rescuers are kept together and with any prisoners that didn’t escape (daft foreigners never learn!). If the mission is a success (at least one prisoner makes it back to Paris) all rescuers get an automatic MID.

2D6 RollOutcome
2, 3 or 4Successful Escape
5 or 6Attempt Fails
7 or 8Caught and Tortured (-1 Strength, -2 Expertise)
9 or moreCaught and Killed
-1 Modifier for a group escape
-1 Modifier for Strength of 15+ (can count twice for group escape)
-1 if Private or Subaltern, +1 if Col or above (group takes worse Modifier)
Note: Everyone in a group shares the same fate
2D6 RollOutcomeDeath Roll
2 or lessTotal Success12 (for all)
3 or 4Rescue successful discovered10+ (for all)
5 or 6Guards too alert, rescue aborted12 (rescuers only)
7 or 8Alarm raised, no rescue10+ (rescuers only)
9 or moreRescuers ambushed10+ (rescuers only)
On an 8 or 9 the rescuers are captured
-1 Modifier for 3+ Rescuers
-1 Modifier for a Military Ability 6+ in the group
-1 for each 15+ Strength in group (can count twice)
-1 if prisoner(s) have planned escape also
-1 if prisoner is Private/Subaltern
+1 if Prisoner is Col or above
Automatic MID for rescuers if prisoner survives