Social Ladder

Louis de FrouFrou12First Son of a wealthy CountBothwellsCardinals Guard
Major 2nd Bn
Abélard De Bête11Second son of a very wealthy CountRoyal Foot Guards
Major 3rd Bn
SophieAide to General
17th Century noblemanAntoine Gounelle11Second Son of the impoverished Earl EnneyeuxThe Horse GuardsQueens Own Carabiniers
Lt Col. 1st Sqn
Chevalier Le Penn10Second son of a very wealthy MarquisHuntersDragoon Guards
Maj. 2nd Sqn
AntoinetteAide to the General
Jean Marie Le Pun9Second son of an Impoverished ViscounttDragoon Guards
Major 3rd Sqn
Francois Cantona9Second Son of an impoverished ViscountHuntersRoyal Foot Guards
Capt. E Coy
SuzetteCaptain of the Kings Escort
Leon Artois7First Son of a Wealthy GentlemanThe Frog and PeachQueens Own Carabiniers
Brevet Major 2nd Sqn
LeonieBrigade Major
Jean-Baptiste Davout6First Son of a very wealthy Merchant
Gabrielle Fontaine-Dufort6First Son of a well-to-do GentlemanThe Frog & PeachGrand Duke Max Dragoons
Major 3rd Sqn
Jean de Flaque5Second Son of a wealthy GentlemanThe Frog & PeachPicardy Musketeers
Capt E Coy
Michele Navarre-Etoile5First son of a well-todo GentlemanQueens Own Carabiniers
Reynard Duchon5Second son of a wealthy gentleman
Jacque Angille5Second son of a Wealthy GentlemanPrincess Light Dragoons
Brevet Lt Col 1st Sqn
Msr. Pas de Nom4Second son of a well-todo Gentleman
Hanz a character from En GardeHanz4Bastard Son of a MerchantRoyal Marines
Captain E Coy
CozetteRegimental Adjutant
Valentyn Moreau3Second Son of a Wealthy Merchant13th Fusileers
Brevet Major 2nd Bn
Phillipe Phillope2Second son of a Peasant53rd Fusileers
Subaltern A Coy
John GouldDeceasedSecond son of a Merchant
Le Petit-SourisDeceasedBastard Son of an impoverished Gentleman
Henri Du MonteDeceasedBastard Son of a Peasant
Antoine St GermainDeceasedSecond son of an impoverished Marquis
MoyenneDeceasedSecond Son of a small Merchant
Aymerie de NarbonneDeceasedSecond Son of an impoverished Gentleman
Rene Le ClercDeceasedBastard Son of a Peasant
Francois de LyonDeceasedFirst Son of a Merchant
(Mark)DeceasedSecond Son of an impoverished Gentleman
Guyome de BordeauxDeceasedBastard Son of a Peasant

Players are encouraged to provide a portrait for their character, to provide a portrait please send an attached copy to The image will be cut and scaled down to 150*150 and 300*190 if not previously done so. If players wish to submit two seperate images please indicate which image shall be used where.