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We are Lost Legion Wargaming Club, a Hitchin community meeting every Sunday at Westmill Community Centre from 4pm to 9pm.

We have a range of gaming interests including historical and sci-fi tabletop gaming, Magic the Gathering and board games. You name it, someone’s probably collected it!

We’re a passionate group with members either putting on grand games and recreations using the clubs extensive scenery collection or diving headfirst into new systems; much to the chagrin of our wallets!

Whilst we’re a relatively new wargaming club to the Hitchin area we are not a new club and were founded in 2014 in St Albans as The Warlords Wargaming Club. While time may have changed our location and identity it has not changed our core, a passionate community who want nothing more than to play out epic struggles on a miniature scale.

Weekly subs are £7 per evening, this is reduced to £5 with a Bi-Annual membership of £10 however the first night is free. We also provide a tuckbox of snacks and drinks with prices set at 50p per item.

There’ll nearly always be a game you can join in with so feel free to pop in and say hello. Alternatively if you’d prefer you can check us out on Facebook or Discord.

We hope to see you soon!

Lost Legion Wargaming Club
Westmill Community Centre
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